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Various tricks and other things I've learned...

Fooling around with a CD-ROM or HD and suddenly the floppy stops working?

Some 486 Packard Bell's would lose some of their CMOS info regarding the various controllers if an IDE device was misconnected. As this info is in extended-CMOS the checksum doesn't catch it. Check CMOS to see if things look OK

Changing a Telepath x2 modem in a Win95 Gateway?

Remove the old modem drivers first!!! If try to replace one of these modems (with the exact same thing) it _WILL_ corrupt the registry. If it's you've already done it, try this...
 o Boot to a safe mode command prompt only
 o ATTRIB -S -H -R *.DAT
 o Reboot and let windows do it's first time thing...
 o o (or re-install Win95 if the copy command didn't work)
 o Once your back in Windows, go to a Command Prompt and type
This procedure strains the good parts of what's left of the registry to RECOVER.REG, then restores a plain, but functional, registry, and finally re-imports the good stuff back in. This is good for most any registry corruption. (If REGEDIT doesn't hang... :)

Changing RAM in a MAC and suddenly it's DEAD?

Take a good look at the system board, if there's a little red button on it, push it. (Seriously!) This (I believe) forces a PRAM clear and (might) get you going.

Trying to open an Acer case?

If it's got a handle on the front... do a lot of wiggling and try prying it forward from the back while pulling the handle. Lots of people have broken these handles! If you do, don't panic, I hear Acer is very good about replacing them, no questions asked.
If you can't figure out how to open the case on a desktop, look at the underside of the front panel, push in the two tabs and pull the front off. The rest is (relatively) easy.

Lost your sound on a Packard Bell with Win95

After you've checked the mixer settings, etc., try looking for a directory on your HD called C:\SOUND144. If it's there, search your Master CD for a file called Rocky.Reg. If so, remove all your sound/joystick drivers and double-click on ROCKY.REG to force your sound drivers into your registry, then reboot. If you don't fall into the above catagories, call Packard Bell.

Got a scratched CD that you need to read?

I'm told if you put some toothpaste on it, wipe off the excess, and let it dry. Try to use it again... I've never tried it, but it came from a credible source. If this doesn't help, many CD-ROM manufacturers will replace scratched CDs if you bug 'em.

Win95 won't shut down? (Just hangs)

 o Backup the registry (REGEDIT /E BACKUP.REG) for safety.
 o Copy C:\WINDOWS\*.INI to a safe place
 o Erase WIN.INI
 o Erase every line in SYSTEM.INI except the first one ([BOOT])
 o From safe mode, disable ALL the devices in Device Manager
 o Reboot
If it will now shut down correctly, copy WIN.INI back and try again. If it still works, replace SYSTEM.INI. I think you get the picture... Note that some systems won't boot without a FULL SYSTEM.INI. This is caused by interdependancies with SYSTEM.INI and the registry. If (by process of elimination) you find the the problem file is in SYSTEM.INI, just comment lines out with semicolons and try it. If windows fails to start, remove the semicolons...

Adding RAM but the computer doesn't add it up right (too high or low)

Rearrange the SIMMS. Even combinations that shouldn't work at all (for instance, leaving BANK 0 empty) might work (I've seen it!). If it's only off by a little, do remember that a Meg is 1024K, not 1000K. If it's off by exactly 384K, 640K, or 1024K, it's fine - It's just not including upper/conventional memory in the count.

Win 3.1 won't get past the logo screen?

Try running C:\WINDOWS\SETUP.EXE and setting the video driver to plain old "VGA" (not super, not XGA, just "VGA"). If this fixes it, well, you've got the wrong video driver... Unless you've got an OAK video card (Many 486 20ish MHz Packard Bells have 'em). If so, try adding X=CF08 to the EMM386.EXE line in CONFIG.SYS if it's there.

Can't get your disc out of a MAC?

Power off the system, straighten out a Paper Clip, and stick it into the hole near the drive opening. This is a manual eject mechanism.

Having trouble getting a MAC to boot?

Try clearing the PRAM (similar to CMOS on PCs)... Power off, hold down CONTROL-OPENAPPLE-P, power on, and don't let go of C-O-P until the system makes it's opening sound 7 times. (Very user friendly...)

Need to make a MAC boot from a CD?

Assuming it's a bootable CD (duh), hold down 'C' as the system boots.

Quick ways of starting and stopping Win95

If you hold down the SHIFT key just after the screen goes into its graphic mode (not just the logo) and hold it down for a few secs after the HD settles down, you can skip everything in StartUp and WIN.INI's LOAD= and RUN=. Things in the registry will still load. (This also works in Win3.1). For a quick restart, hold down SHIFT while restarting.

Can't figure out how to keep that D*MN program from loading as Win95 starts?

Look in the registry under
Look in the Run and RunServices keys.

Failure to control A20 line on a PII or fast Pentium aptiva?

Don't replace the system board, CPU, ram, or power supply (like I did), instead, try bugging IBM for an updated restore CD. I guess a few aptivas came with some corrupt files that load in CONFIG.SYS and/or AUTOEXEC.BAT.