Beep Codes

If you system begins to start up but doesn't finish, it may display a numeric code on the screen. This list gives the meanings of those codes. If you don't get any video at all but get beeped at, see the beep codes. If you have video but no unusual beeps or error codes, then it is usually hard drive related (either bad or needs to have the system put back on it), although it can also be a sign of a bad mainboard (this can be tested by removing the HD).

These codes are fairly standardized, but not universal - they should be used as a basis for beginning troubleshooting. They are not enough by themselves to provide a diagnosis. Consult a qualified technitian if you have any questions or before doing anything rash... Some likely sources of failures are given in parantheses; These are the most likely and intended for those that aren't sure what the given meaning means.

Error CodeMeaning
02xPower supply failure
100Incorrect CMOS or jumper/DIP setting
101Interrupt circuitry failure (bad mainboard)
102Timer failure (bad mainboard)
103Interrupt timer failure (bad mainboard)
104Protected mode failure (bad mainboard)
1058042 failure (bad mainboard)
106Converting logic failure (bad mainboard)
107NMI failure (bad mainboard or card)
108System timer bus failure (bad mainboard)
109DMA failure (bad mainboard or card)
121Unexpected hardware interrupt (bad mainboard or card)
131Cassette port failure (only on _old_ systems)
161Incorrect CMOS or jumper/DIP setting
162Incorrect CMOS or jumper/DIP setting
163Time/Date incorrect (low battery)
164Memory size mismatch
199 100Incorrect jumper/DIP setting
2xxRAM failure
xxxx=201RAM failure
x055=201Incorrect jumper/DIP setting
301Keyboard failure
302Keyboard locked or failure
303Keyboard failure
304Keyboard failure; CMOS mismatch
400-431Video failure
432Parallel port failure
5xxVideo failure
6xxDisk drive failure
7xxMath co-processor failure
9xxPrinter port or printer failure
991CMOS mismatch, Run setup
10xxPrinter port or printer failure
11xxSerial port failure
12xxSerial port failure
13xxGame port (joystick) failure
14xxPrinter port or printer failure
15xxUART failure (related to serial ports)
16xxDisplay emulation failure
17xxHard drive/controller failure
1780Hard drive 0 failure
1781Hard drive 1 failure
1790Hard drive 0 failure
1791Hard drive 1 failure
18xxIO expansion failure