These programs are for general reference... Whatever happens when you use (or don't use) them is not my fault. I make typos - use at your own risk. Improper use of DEBUG can _literally_ format your hard drive without warning among many other nasty things.

Can't figure out how to get into CMOS setup? This generally works for most computers that don't respond to F1, F2, F10, ESC, DEL, INS, CTRL-ESC, CTRL-ALT-S, or CTRL-INS. (CTRL combinations at command prompt, others at POST screen during memory count). Did your computer come with a SETUP.EXE program, and you lost it? If so, chances are, this little goody does the same thing to get you into setup... If, however, your system just reboots, locks, or some other crazy thing, it probably won't work. (duh) Make your screen look like this:
xxxx:0100 int 18
The X's can be anything, debug will set them for you. When you press ENTER after typing the G, it just may prompt you to go into CMOS setup.
Got a Packard Bell, doing a system restore, and being railroaded into a "Generic Format?" If you have your hard drive format number (check your "System Credentials" sheet) try this:
-fcs:200 400 0
xxxx:0100 mov ax,301
xxxx:0103 mov bx,200
xxxx:0106 mov cx,2
xxxx:0109 mov dx,80
xxxx:010C int 13
xxxx:010E int 20

Program terminated normally
Then try the restore again... it should prompt you for your format number. This little program came from a tech at Packard Bell, and I've used it a few times successfully.