Under Construction

You can have YOUR name @ mynamehere.com for free! An automated system is in the works, but for now you can just send me mail. Be sure to give me the name that you want to be @mynamehere.com, a password (4-8 chars), and if you want the mail forwarded to another account. Optionally, a brief bio can be added to the finger file...

Hate giving away your e-mail address? Unfortunately, some sites require you to reply to a confirmation letter sent to your address, so you can't just lie and call yourself bgates@microsoft.com... Wouldn't an anonymous mail account be nice? Don't say I never gave you anything!

Account Name: johndoe
Password: johndoe
POP/SMTP Server: mail.mynamehere.com

The operators of mynamehere.com reserve the right to deny, delete, modify, revoke, or laugh at any e-mail accounts requested or activated. Understand that I'm a college guy doing this in my spare time for kicks, not a suit trying to run a business. Please do not feed the llamas.