Prelab Report

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BASIC Computer Programming

October 3, 1996

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The goal of this exercise it to gain an understanding of the basic principles of scientific programming.


Due to a computer's ability to quickly process routine tasks, it has become a useful part of many laboratories. The computer's usefulness stands out the most in the fields of mass data collection, manipulation, and presentation, where it can autonomously perform tasks in a fraction of the time it would take a human being. Through the use of programming languages, such as BASIC, the computer's power can be put to use in nearly any form desired.


As with any programming language, BASIC demands precise syntax if it is to produce the desired result. A few common, but catastrophic syntax errors involve the following:

Preliminary Calculations

The following statistical relations are used in the linear regression of data:

n number of data points

b slope of best fit line

R3 Coefficient of determination

R4 Coefficient of correlation

R5 Standard estimate of error


There are no safety concerns in this lab.