Educational Reference

This is intended to be a place for students and other nerdy types to look at the works of others for ideas, clarification, and information. Some of the information here might just tempt someone to plagarize... DON'T DO IT! This site is not to be used directly as a reference, as the information does NOT come from experts.

I have some of my papers submitted for Physical Chemistry Lab converted to HTML.

Some common Laplace Transforms.

Look here for MSDS information.

Acid-Base Indicators.

Unit Analysis Information.

Morse code and the NATO phonetic alphabet.

An illustrated guide to lockpicking.

A brief description of how UPC codes work.

Coordinates of Lake Erie wrecks.

Access the Toledo Public Library's Card Catalog.

A data collection and analyses program for the TI-85.

Partake in a study of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.